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  • Welcome To A Ministry of Victory!

    Battle For Your Life Counseling & Training Services (BFYL) is a unique and powerful, Prophetic and Christ-centered CounselingEducation and Consulting ministry, serving: Individuals, Married (or engaged) Couples, and Church congregations, world-wide.  Victory has already been declared by God, and won through Jesus Christ…and we are setting the standard for providing services with Spiritual Precision and Weapons of Warfare for Victory to wholly manifest on Earth, as it already is in Heaven!

  • Feeling depressed, anxious or broken?

    If situations or experiences from your past or present are keeping you from enjoying life, and experiencing the peace and promises of God, our compassionate counselors – armed with God’s word and guided by the Holy Spirit – can understand and help you begin your healing, deliverance or transformation process. There is Healing and Victory awaiting for you, finally!

  • Marital Conflicts? Considering Divorce?

    Our Ministry offers a Bible-centered approach, faithfully guided by the Holy Spirit, to counsel and support couples suffering from marital conflicts, such as: infidelity, parenting issues, anger and emotional instability, lack of  communication, blended family conflicts, verbal or physical abuse and much more. Our counselors will help you and your spouse understand what is in God’s heart concerning your marriage, and His purpose for repairing it. You are not alone…we are here for you!

  • BFYL Helps Congregations & Supports Pastors!

    Every Believer needs a safe and guarded place to go to receive encouragement and personal ministry, which does not conflict with their Christian faith or biblical truth; yes-even pastors, ministers, other leaders, and lay counselors!  BFYL is  available to support you by providing competent Christ-centered (bible-based) counseling services to meet the needs of individuals and couples within your local congregation, so you can continue to do the work of your ministry that God has entrusted to you. Let us help your congregants, as well as, lightening your Kingdom labor!

  • We help others Fulfill their Mission!

    We provide Christ-centered services to those whom you employ, teach, treat or provide services to (or their loved ones)! Whether they are suffering from burnout, depression, grief, anger, familial or marital conflict, BFYL’s compassionate team of counselors can help them move forward from hurting to healing through God’s word and His miraculous Holy Spirit, all while helping you to continue fulfilling your mission, in excellence!

  • A Message From Our Founder

    Dear One Loved by God,

    I am so blessed and honored that you are visiting our website!  I believe there are no coincidences in life, marriage, or ministry. I pray to God continually that the right people, at the perfect time would find us. Well, praise God you have found us!  Your visit with us today is an answered prayer.

"Helping Lives, Marriages and Churches Wage VICTORIOUS Warfare Through Providing Effectual Prophetic & Christ-centered Counseling, Training and Consultation Services!" Proverbs 24:6

For Individuals, Marriage & Family

Even after becoming a Christian, there can be traumas from your childhood, past relationships or current life situations which may be unresolved, or even unidentified. These experiences can create a mountain of oppression, depression, brokenness, confusion, torment and loneliness amongst other problems. Sometimes these common experiences can follow you into marriage unintentionally; having a devastating or destructive impact on your family and your other relationships. We understand and are here to help, ignite hope and offer loving support! Click the photo below to learn how BFYL is helping others through Jesus Christ!

For Pastors & Your Congregation

With the intensive and extensive emotional, familial and spiritual problems ever-increasing within local congregations everywhere, as well as, the need for individuals, married couples and families to mature spiritually and fulfill God's purpose, every local church needs to have continuous access to confidential, biblically competent and spirit-led counseling and educational services. We exist to connect those you shepherd with compassionate services that do not contradict biblical truth. Learn more about how you can make a referral or partner, and how BFYL can help - by clicking the image below!

Community Programs & Partners

BFYL believes in the divine power of forming and maintaining strategic Christ-centered and Faith-based Partnerships to comprehensively address the needs of people and communities, while fulfilling the mission that God has entrusted to each. More lives (and families) can be saved and transformed and more biblical Truth can be shared when God's leaders come together in Collaboration for His Kingdom; thus propelling a multitude of destinies through Jesus Christ! - Click image below to learn which Community and Faith-based Ministries BFYL is partnered with, and how we together can help you fulfill your mission!