Biblical Counseling for Trauma

biblical counseling for traumabiblical counseling for trauma You can heal from trauma and overcome hardships and pain from your past. Battle for Your Life is here to support you.

  • Have you been a victim of abuse (e.g. gross negligence, rape, emotional, sexual or physical abuse)?
  • Have you witnessed a shooting, a natural disaster, suicide or domestic violence?
  • Have you experienced trauma in the military or trauma during childhood?

If you’re still shaken or struggling by a traumatic experience that occurred in your past, your help is right here!

Battle For Your Life will help you to wage victorious warfare against the devastating effects of trauma in your life, marriage, career, family or ministry. We will help you to overcome and set you on your way to experiencing inner peace and fullness of joy.biblical counseling for trauma

Come to Battle For Your Life where you’ll finally experience God’s healing power, liberty and VICTORY!