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Welcome to Your Christian Counseling Services provider!

Battle For Your Life Counseling stands on the scripture “For by wise counsel you will wage your own war, And in a multitude of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 24:6

From this standpoint, we seek to support and come alongside pastors and churches providing biblically-sound services aimed at maximizing victorious, righteous and purposeful living. We encourage pastors and church leaders to seek wise counsel and recommend allowing congregants to receive competent Christian counseling services who are interested in becoming knowledgeable about their church’s ministry, journey, message, and goals.

We know it is often hard for pastors and church leaders to find the right supportive counselors and counseling services to develop trusting, long-term relationships with to support them in their ministry while caring for their congregation. We seek to serve the Lord and you in your work, assisting and supporting as you see the need.

At Battle For Your Life our counselors will not just teach your congregants how to battle (fight) for their lives and marriages but we’ll teach them how to fight VICTORIOUSLY with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and our unique counseling-warfare technique.

You can be fully assured that our services and counsel line up with biblical teaching and are led by the Holy Spirit. They are biblically-sound with a clinical-knowledge.

How We Can Partner With You…

  1.      Christian Counseling Services

We offer biblical counseling services to individuals (over age 15), married couples and church leaders, using a holistic approach, working to support soul, spirit, and body. This may take place at our office or over a secure, HIPPA compliant video link, whichever is most convenient for you.

  1. Church Partnership

This is an individualized service and one we would love to talk about with you as a church leader/pastor. Various options are available but we customize partnership programs according to each church’s unique situation and experience. We see this as partnering together to do the work of the ministry – healing, restoration, and deliverance.

Services offered include:

  • Ministry ‘in situ’ – whereby one of our ministers/counselors become involved in the life of a church to build relationships and trust, and ministers from a place of understanding and discernment.
  • Counseling for leaders and congregants with clinically-sound and biblically-trained counselors led by the Holy Spirit and under the direction of the church. This may take place at your church or in our offices.*
  • Support for pastors/church leaders.It is not unusual for church leaders to feel overwhelmed by the requirements and demands placed on them and their time. We seek to support them and relieve some of the pressure in the areas we specialize in. This enables pastors to feel confident that their congregants have the benefit of an anointed ministry assisting them while releasing them to focus more of their time and energy on other areas of church life as they feel led.
  • Crisis support– Specifically for those occasions when a congregant has a sudden crisis of an emotional nature and needs rapid support either from the pastor or counselor.
  • Assisting, and supporting the work of the church’s pastoral team.
  • Training and development of lay counselors, ministerial staff and small group leaders.
  • Regular meetings with ministerial staff and leaders, to promote unity and effective communication within the team.
  • Complementary support sessions for pastors and their families may be included.

*This can be much more effective for congregants than if they reach out to random counseling services outside of their church because the counsel is given from a place of understanding the message of the specific church, and the teaching and circumstances are honored.

We have also found that it can be challenging for a pastor to discover how the pastoral ministry and teaching is impacting people in their body and soul life. In Matthew 13:3-23 Jesus talks in a parable about seed being sown onto four types of ground. On the first ground, ‘by the roadside’, birds ate the seed. We see this as a picture of what can happen within the church, the seed being sown but not sinking in as it should. We seek to assist leaders in nurturing the message, following up with congregants and discipleship within the church.

  1. Pastoral Consultation

We are here to support pastors and church leaders. It is often hard to meet all the demands of these positions, leading to feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion.

This service is offered to pastors within a confidential and compassionate environment. Within this environment, pastors are at liberty to express their feelings on issues that arise in their ministry, marriage and congregations.

  1. Biblical Counseling Workshops

Our Biblical Counseling Workshops include but are not limited to topics relating to marriage, depression (Spirit of Heaviness), anger, trauma, grief, addiction, soul care, spiritual warfare, overcoming issues of infidelity, identity in Christ, and much more.

We are also open to discussing your specific congregational needs for topics.

  1. Speaking Engagements

Please note, each engagement is unique so we will take full details to ensure we can provide you with the service you are looking for. We have a number of speakers with different specialties, each focused on aspects of emotional and psychological care from a biblical, counseling standpoint, and we will seek to match your requirements with the best speaker for you.

Church partnerships are a uniquely special relationship that we would love to discuss with you in further detail. If you are interested please contact Angela Lowe at (937) 684-9434 or Toll-Free: (888) 479-9951 or schedule your free introductory phone consultation so we can discuss the individualization of our services to assist you.