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At Battle for Your Life, our approach to Christian counseling is different.

Above all things, we believe in the supremacy and sufficiency of Scripture. While human wisdom and traditional clinical methodology may have their influence in the world, we chiefly choose to be vessels of Biblical wisdom and Divine power to meet your specific counseling needs. The Holy Spirit, having revealed His superior wisdom and power in Scripture, sees and knows exactly where the root of your deepest struggle lies, and He alone has the solution. Scripture teaches us that truly effective counseling:

  • is Christ-centered (Psalm 73:24; Proverbs 21:30)
  • is Scriptural (II Timothy 3:16; Psalm 119:24)
  • is Holy Spirit inspired (I Kings 3:9, 12; James 1:5; Acts 6:10)
  • is wise and discerning (II Corinthians 11:14; I John 4:1)
  • should be judged for accuracy (Proverbs 11:14; Revelation 22:18-19)
  • should deal with the whole person – spirit, soul, and body (III John 1:2, I Thessalonians 5:22-23)
  • should speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15)
  • should hold a strong conviction of truth (II Timothy 1:12, 4:2; John 16:7-8, 17:17)
  • is given by spiritually mature vessels  (I Corinthians 3:2; Hebrews 5:12-14; Ephesians 4:13-14)
  • should be prayerful (James 1:5, 5:16)
  • has insight to your purpose (Jeremiah 29:11)

Any counseling that you may receive from other places which lack these characteristics is likely to be without the power you desperately need for true healing, breakthrough, and life transformation. Such ineffective counsel leaves you with empty promises…and feeling discouraged or worse.

In contrast, our team is deeply committed to helping you get maximum results. So whether your issue includes emotional struggles, marital problems, or spiritual crises, you can be confident knowing that we rely solely on Jesus Christ, our Rock, and the word of God as the only sure foundation to guide our counseling practices. 


Our Distinct Methodristian

How does this unique foundation impact our Christian biblical counseling practices?


  • We are Purpose-focused: Whether you are seeking counseling for yourself, your marriage or ministry, our counselors allow the gifts of the Holy Spirit to work through them to help you identify, clarify or confirm your God given, specific purpose. As believers, we all have a general purpose which is written in God’s Word. What we have found is that if a person or a couple is unaware of their unique purpose, the lack of knowledge in this area causes people to give-up pre-maturely. Where there is no vision for life, in addition to a separation from your Heavenly Father there can be no true or lasting fulfillment. What pleasure you may have is temporary and could potentially have an eternal consequence. Knowing your God-assigned purpose, understanding God’s promises and pursuing them whole-heartedly is a big part of your battle. This is worth warring for!


  • We incorporate Spiritual warfare in our Counseling: We approach all counseling (and training) engagements from a spiritual warfare perspective. As the Apostle Paul says in Ephesians 6, our ultimate battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of darkness. We counsel to help you: understand from God’s perspective how your personal (or marital) struggle fits in the context of spiritual warfare, battle effectively using the whole armor of God as well as additional weapons, and gain victory at the very source of the struggle. Though we do not focus on the adversary, we do however expose his workings as necessary. You should not consistently ignore the enemy of your soul, the devil. God has given those that believe the authority over all our spiritual enemies. This is vital for your freedom and victory!


  • We offer a Non-medicinal, Wholistic approach: Because our heavenly Father desires His children be whole and healthy in body, mind, and spirit, we approach each client with this same wholistic mindset. For each individual, couple, and congregation we serve, we compliment our powerful and transformative counsel towards addressing all mental, emotional, physical and spiritual struggles with suggested 100 percent pure Essential Oils, Herbs and other doctor approved and naturopathy recommended supplements.


  • We have developed a solid, Kingdom collaborative partnership with Developing Amazing People (DAP) Life Plan coaching, a 4-Point system also known as a Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP). CHIP offers healthy eating improvement plans, fitness and workout plans, financial health plans and spiritual health enrichment plans. These services are offered by Christian: licensed medical providers, certified personal trainers and nutritionist, financial advisors and chaplains who are all referred to as Life Plan Coaches. DAP coaches collaborate with Battle For Your Life counselors to make your healing journey complete. (Please note: These services will begin soon and we are excited about it for you!)


  • We get Real Results: Rather than learning how to cope, our clients experience complete victory and freedom. Marriages are restored, congregations are empowered to be fruitful, and individuals are freed from crushing emotional and physical wounds.


Our Distinguished Resultsristia

At BFYL, we do not believe in prescribing vain, empty exercises or offering theoretical clinical advice that doesn’t have lasting transformation. Instead of leaning on our own understanding, we invite the dynamic presence and power of the Holy Spirit and sword of God’s Word into our counseling sessions (Proverbs 3:5-6). Therefore, the results that we help the individuals and married couples we serve achieve are often dramatically different from the counseling they received elsewhere.


Based on recent findings:


As one client put it in her own words:

“Minister Angela’s wisdom is impeccable. I cannot believe how powerful my experience was at Battle For Your Life! I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. The prayers were on point all by themselves. I might have been feeling depressed and anxious when I came in, but I never left any session the same way. Angela brought amazing understanding to my past trauma, struggles and family cycles, helped bring healing to my mind and spoke directly to my spirit. It seems like I had breakthrough after breakthrough. I never thought I could develop the type of relationship I have now with God. What I didn’t expect, was to leave this ministry with a strategic kingdom business plan. This plan is what I believe God put me here to do. I knew God had more for my life, but I didn’t fully understand it; now I do! I cannot say enough about Minister Angela, her team or this ministry. Confidential Client


Read even more powerful and inspiring true stories here in our Testimonials section!


Our Dynamic Teamristi

Battle For Your Life is a multi-disciplinary team of ordained ministers who are compassionate, biblically-equipped, and “down-to-earth while seated in Heavenly places.” Our team consists of licensed Christian counselors, pastoral counselors, and chaplains who are not ashamed of the Gospel and are committed to helping improve your emotional, spiritual, marital and physical health while helping you to “live in purpose, on purpose”.

While fully qualified and knowledgeable of diagnosing clinically, our team is trained to rely completely on the leading of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to help people and couples. In addition, all our counselors, all of whom are also ordained ministers, operate in the spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, words of knowledge, healing, words of wisdom, and so on. This means that when you meet with a counselor on our team, you can be confident that you will be encountering the Holy Spirit in a very real, transformative way.

Love is our motive. Jesus is our model. We have a team who truly will love you – back to life!

Our dynamic team is led by our founder Angela Lowe, a licensed Professional Counselor, trained Biblical Counselor, and Certified Holistic Health Coach with nearly two decades of experience. Angela’s passion as a five-fold minister and Ordained Reverend is to teach people how to be emotionally, physically, relationally and spiritually healthy while prophetically speaking life and wisdom to God-given purpose. Visit Meet Our Founder to learn more about Angela’s story and book her to speak at your next event!


Our Diverse Servicesristi

If you want to work with a proven Christian counseling ministry with an array of great services, you have come to the right place. At BYFL, we specialize in:


  • Christian Marriage Counseling: From pre-marital counseling to divorce intervention to helping blended families harmonize – and everything in between – we walk right alongside you to help bring transformation, victory and vibrancy to your most important relationships. Get victory for your marriage and family!


  • Individual Counseling: Whether you battle with toxic emotions like anxiety, depression, and discouragement, or suffer from chronic medical conditions,  let us walk with you to receive complete healing and victory for your mind, body, and spirit. Get victory for your life!


  • Life Purpose Counseling: If you lack a sense of direction for your life, are confused about your purpose or need godly, Scriptural advice and counsel to help you navigate next steps in your purpose, we are ready and excited to help you hear what the Holy Spirit has to say. Get victory for your calling!


  • Church Partnerships / Pastoral Counseling: We offer partnership services for churches that include individual counseling, onsite workshops for the whole congregation, pastoral support, including marriage and family support, and more. Get victory for your church!


  • Secure, Telehealth Biblical Counseling: Even if you need Holy Spirit-led biblical counseling, but are located outside of the Dayton area, we provide life-saving online counseling services anywhere across the globe. Get victory for your life – no matter where you live!


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