Our services

At BYFL, we offer Christian marriage counseling, counseling for emotional and spiritual struggles, counseling for those needing direction and insight into their purpose, and help for churches, including pastoral counseling.

We can help you find:

  • Victory for your marriage: from pre-marital counseling to divorce intervention to helping blended families mesh, and everything in between, we can walk alongside you. We will help you apply God’s Word and look to the Holy Spirit to bring true transformation, victory and vibrancy to your marriage and family.
  • Victory for anxiety, depression, and brokenness: whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, purposelessness, or are hurting from emotional or physical wounds, we will walk with you to receive complete healing and victory through the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.
  • Victory for your calling: if you are lacking a sense of direction for your life or are at a difficult crossroads and need godly, Scripture-based advice and counsel to help you navigate next steps, we are excited to help you hear what the Holy Spirit has to say.
  • Victory for your church: we offer partnership services for churches that include individual counseling, onsite workshops for the whole congregation, pastoral support, including marriage and family support, and more.
  • Remote Counseling: if you are pursuing Christian counseling from outside of the Dayton area, we offer online counseling services for anywhere across the globe.

Who We Are

We are a different type of Christian counseling service. While we have the qualifications of licensing and degrees, we lean not on our own understanding. Rather, we surrender our knowledge to the leading of the Holy Spirit for each and every client who walks through our doors.

Regardless of the type of trial you are facing, we know that “the struggle is not against flesh and blood” (Ephesians 6:12). We do not want to provide you with just another set of exercises and just another person’s advice that may or may not work.

The Holy Spirit sees and knows exactly where the root of your struggle lies and He alone knows how to resolve it. We seek HIS instruction to help you become equipped for true victory through the power of His Word and His Spirit.

Call for a Free Consultation 

If you are tired of just “dealing” with your struggle and are ready for true and total victory, give us a call today for your free consultation.