Physical Health & Wholeness Counseling biblical health and weight-loss counseling

If you’ve been feeling hopeless, defeated or overwhelmed by weight-related and/or health-related issues, we can help you get your confidence or physical health back.

At Battle For Your Life, we counsel individuals who are struggling with obesity, sleep disorders, heart conditions, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, gastrointestinal issues, terminal illness and so much more. biblical health and weight-loss counseling

Our aim is to teach you how to wage victorious warfare to manage your symptoms and to receive supernatural healing. With the help of the Holy Spirit and our counselors, we believe you can accomplish your wellness goals and experience wholeness within.

If it is appropriate we may suggest working in partnership with other professionals, for example, your physician, functional medicine practitioner or naturopath.

So come to Battle For Your Life where you’ll finally experience God’s healing power, liberty, and VICTORY!