Confidential Counseling Services for Christian Congregations counseling for churches

  • Have you, your pastoral or other ministerial staff been feeling overwhelmed or physically exhausted from caring for the emotional, behavioral, marital or familial needs of congregants within your church or community?

  • Does your church have a strong community outreach ministry that connects people with healing, deliverance or competent biblical Christian Counseling?

  • Has the spiritual growth and maturity of individuals, couples and families within your local congregation been stagnant?

  • Have you envisioned a substantial growth in new memberships at your church or is it your desire to help with moving your church’s vision forward in strength, love and power?

  • Can your congregation benefit from being in partnership with a ministry that specializes in competent, biblical Christian Counseling?

    counseling for churches

Battle For Your Life has a plethora of resources to provide you with biblically-sound counsel that is meant to strengthen your faith and the faith of congregants while on the battlefield. We believe in waging strategic warfare to save your life, ministry and congregation. As a first step before going to war in the spirit, our counselors seek the wise and transformative counsel in the Word and of the Holy Spirit so He might give the directions, instructions and strategies that will be needed on the battlefield.

We encourage Pastors and other leaders of the church to take the lead in seeking wise counsel before engaging in spiritual warfare. We also recommend you allow your congregants to receive competent Christian counseling services through a ministry that has been called out by God and trained to primarily provide counsel. At Battle For Your Life our counselors will not just teach your congregants how to battle (fight) for their lives and marriages but we’ll teach them how to fight VICTORIOUSLY with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and our unique counseling-warfare techniques.

We invite you (and your congregants) to come to Battle For Your Life where our power-filled Christian counseling services will help guide you into waging victorious war transforming your life, ministry, and congregation. “For by wise counsel you will wage your own war, And in a multitude of counselors there is safety.” PROVERBS 24:6 Without the counsel of the Holy Spirit, we could be setting ourselves up for defeat when we are called to wholeness, power, and VICTORY. counseling for churches