Are You Searching For Lasting Emotional Healing, Divine Direction and Miraculous Breakthrough In Your Life, Marriage – or Congregation?

If You Answered “Yes” To The Above Question, You’ve Come To The Right Place. christian counseling

Welcome To Victory, Finally!

God wants you to have a life of abundance. Yet, you may be dealing with overwhelming stress, brokenness, negative family cycles, anxiety, depression, confusion, pain or worse. So, what could be happening?

An unseen enemy waging war against your very life. This war may be coming against:

  • your soul (includes mind, will, emotions and human intellect)
  • your marriage and family
  • your physical health or ability to be made whole
  • your identity and purpose in Christ
  • your ability to discern and hear the voice of the Spirit to make sound decisions
  • your finances
  • your spiritual fruit and spiritual growth

But rejoice, for the Lord is about to bring you out in victory!

As a Christian, you can go through many trials, traumas and tribulations. There is an invisible clashing in the realm of the spirit between God’s Kingdom and Satan’s kingdom regarding those who walk with the Lord.

Proverbs 24:6 instructs us, “for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory.At Battle For Your Life Counseling & Training Services, LLC (BFYL), we provide a safe, compassionate, and healing environment for you to renew your mind by the Word of God and receive divine counsel from Holy Spirit as we help you win the battle for your life – which is full of awesome purpose.

Whether you’re an on-the-go professional woman who can’t seem to fully heal from a trauma, or a struggling couple whose marriage is on the rocks, our specialized and anointed team can help you experience true VICTORY!

  • Vanquish toxic old thought patterns, habits, and ways of living
  • Identify and address the root causes of your emotional, spiritual, marital and mental suffering
  • Conquer the strongholds that keep you bound through the power of Christ who loves you
  • Take back the joy, peace, and self-worth the enemy has stolen from you through learning how-to effectively “take every thought captive”
  • Overcome and heal from those painful emotional wounds from your past which create physical health issues and disease
  • Rejoice as you deepen your personal relationship with God and activate spiritual giftings towards fulfilling your purpose
  • YOU can WIN any battle because JESUS already paid for it – in full!

Who We Are?

Battle For Your Life Counseling & Training Services, LLC (BFYL) is a multi-disciplinary team of compassionate, ordained ministers who are “down-to-earth while seated in Heavenly places.” We are biblically-equipped and consisting of licensed Christian counselors, pastoral counselors, and chaplains committed to helping people improve their quality of life, health, marriage and sense of purpose.

At BFYL, we offer Holy Spirit-led biblical marriage counseling, individual counseling, and help for churches, including pastoral counseling.

BFYL is here to help you win the battle for your life!

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