Do you have everyday peace? To most people, the word “peace” means an absence of war or troubling situations. Many of us think once we have our material needs met and we are somewhat happy, that is peace. Some others think peace is being on a beach in the Caribbean and letting the soothing atmosphere calmi you. While all these are good, it is not what God meant when He said through the Apostle Paul, LET THE PEACE OF CHRIST RULE IN YOUR HEARTS…..” (Colossians 3:15).

Everyday Peace in Christ

According to the definition of the world, peace is temporary and based on circumstances. As Christians, we are called to a higher plane. It is called THE PEACE OF CHRIST. This peace doesn’t focus on the absence of trouble. It is unrelated to our circumstances. It is a goodness of life that is not touched by what happens on the outside. You may be in the midst of great trials and still have this peace.  

But finding this daily peace isn’t easy. It could be easily stolen. It might only take a simple glance at the world news or a mounting to-do list for uncertainty and restlessness to rise up and overwhelm our hearts with anxiety. Any look at the success and joys of those around you can lure your soul into a never-ending longing for the possessions, personality traits and positions in life that we don’t have. A quick encounter or exchange with a difficult person can quickly take your days of peace.

It almost feels like we have to fight for our own peace daily. It is crucial now more than ever that we allow the peace of Christ to rule our hearts. 

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What is the Peace of Christ Everyday? 

Jesus left us with the peace that passes all understanding or explanation. This peace is not a function of the physical things around us. It is on a personal peace with God and the inner peace that follows from this divine relationship. This is the peace of Christ. 

With Jesus, peace refers to rest and tranquility. A key focus on peace is the advent of Jesus Christ, as announced by the angels in Luke 2:14 that peace has come on earth as a result of his birth. The prophet Isaiah also called Jesus the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). It is through Christ that we can have peace with God (Romans 5:1) and that peace will keep our hearts and minds secure (Philippians 4:7). Because God commands us to seek peace, we should make every effort to do what leads to peace. 

This peace is a best defined as a consistent, deep, inner tranquility. It is rest and a sense of well-being that is not in our mind, but in our hearts. It is not a function of our thinking that creates this peace. The peace is present there because Jesus, the Prince of Peace is living in our hearts. This is why it is called a peace that passes all understanding.  

A Story of Finding Peace

A pastor once shared the story of his conversion to Christianity. He was a young lawyer with a good job and was living quite comfortably. There was a courier that frequently delivered parcels to his office. This courier was definitely not living a better life or with better standard of living than the lawyer, but the courier ALWAYS had a pleasant smile and joy emanating from him to others, irrespective of their reaction to him.

After some observation the young lawyer invited the courier to the office and sat him down. He was asking the courier what the secret of his constant atmosphere of joy was, because even though he was living well, the lawyer was not really happy or peaceful.

Expecting the courier to open up to him the name of a substance he takes so he could patronize the dealer, to the lawyer’s surprise, the courier said all he used was Jesus. Taken aback, the lawyer inquired deeper, and right there and then, the lawyer gave his life to Jesus. Since then he has been enjoying the same order of peace and he is now a pastor. God is calling us into this order of peace–a peace detached from our circumstances or environment. This peace assures us of God’s presence.  

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Engaging the Wisdom of God with Key Biblical Counsel and Warfare Strategies For Your VICTORY  

1. Jesus, the Prince of Peace

In order to allow the peace of Christ to rule your heart, it’s important to recognize who the true source of peace is. First Thessalonians 3:16 says, “Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times in every way.” God is referred to as “the Lord of peace” over and over again in Scripture. Jesus is the Prince of Peace by whose kingdom in our heart brings a reign of peace. Our soul craves peace, which is why we keep trying to provide that peace with money, food clothes, relationships and other desires.

The problem with these is that once these things are missing, our peace also disappears, and because these things are all temporary, they will always steal our peace. But if our peace is from our relationship with Jesus, He is consistent and stays forever. He does not go when you don’t buy Him flowers or a car. He desires a forever relationship with you more than you ever imagine.    

Don’t buy into the notion that an afternoon of solitude or a weekend at the beach will give you peace. Peace is not a serene setting or even a state of mind. Anything or anyone who promises you peace is not being authentic with you.  Jesus Christ, the Source of all peace, is the only one who provides true and lasting soul-level peace. 

2. Ask for the Fruit of the Spirit

Peace is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). This means it not just randomly sourced, but acquired from our relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. In any situation that we notice we are losing our peace or the challenges and storms are overwhelming, we need not worry. We can simply ask the Holy Spirit to give us the Peace of Christ and He will flood us with it.  

3. Cultivate the Fruit of Peace 

Now that we have recognized peace as a fruit of the Spirit, just like our normal earthly fruits, it must be cultivated. This means exercising the fruit we have received by living it out daily in the face of circumstances. The more we actively cultivate this fruit, the more we grow in it.

Focusing on Jesus is one of the ways of cultivating everyday peace. We live in a world that continually demands for our attention. We struggle to keep our thoughts in order and our task lists and projects completed.

There’s no doubt that it’s hard to focus. But focus is crucial when it comes to our relationship with Christ. When we attempt to read Scripture or pray but lack focus, it’s easy to feel lost reading the Bible and give up on prayer. You will wander around, while the devil will keep bringing ideas to your heart why you should be worrying rather than trying to spend time with God. You may even feel like you have no clue what you’re doing or come to a point where you feel like you’re wasting your time because you’re not truly connecting with what you are doing.

When we approach God through His Word or Prayer, we must learn to focus on what we see and develop a trained eye to know its significance. This will not only help you engage a relationship with God better, but also help you to truly know God better and experience Him in deeper ways. 

4. Defend your Everyday Peace 

It’s important to defend your everyday peace. The Bible tells us to “put on the full armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11). There are so many lies that we will encounter on a daily basis that will try and steal our peace. Ask the Spirit of God to bring you greater awareness of those lies. They are not only infiltrating, but also devastating your life. Declare your need for His strength and power to expel the lies that steal from the peace-filled life you are given through Christ. 

Remember, everyday peace is a gift from God and we must learn to defend it relentlessly. When we live on guard, we are better able to ward off attacks from the Enemy. We will recognize his schemes and continual attempts to divert us away from intimacy with Jesus. You are right in the middle of a great battle with the Devil attacking your thoughts and challenging your emotions.

Just as the Enemy did in the very first attack on Adam and Eve, he attempts to create doubt in your heart of who God is. We must be ready to fight off every lie raised against God’s character and His plan. “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the Devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). You can fight against attacks from the Enemy when you are clothed in Christ. 

5. Prayer 

“Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7). Following this simple instruction of Paul will always help us defend our peace in Christ. Jesus does not just expect us to have peace in Him in the face of our troubles, but expects us to bring the problem to Him rather than worry about it, then rest peacefully in Him. He will definitely solve the problem. 

Instead of experiencing stress and discontentment, allow the peace of Christ to rule your heart. Every moment is infused with the peace that passes all understanding through the presence of God, the strength of the Spirit, and the example of Christ.

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Angela Lowe, MS. Ed., LPC
Angela Lowe is a licensed Professional Counselor, trained Biblical Counselor and certified Holistic Health Coach. Her kingdom mandate is to restore God’s counsel to transform lives, marriages, and churches worldwide.